Dec. 20th, 2011

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Was just calculating my expenses these few days and I like WHAT THE FUCK DID I SPEND ON then I realized I made two trips into JB within like two weeks or something like that. Let's see if I have pictures to upload. (Okay I did)

Went to Malaysia twice and then did some shopping. Most of my loots are in the laundry now so I'll show you guys another day, but here's how the first time went:

We had Old Town for breakfast, didn't take any photos because it was just plain toast and eggs. We had Nandos for lunch:

The lemon sprite drink that the table next to us complained so much. And they were also from NTU! *facepalm*

The potato wedges and the Caesar salad. (sidenote, I've tried both salads and I hate both salads)

Some of the sidelines. Note: DO NOT ORDER the grilled veggies or the chips. Boring sides. The mediterranean rice is not bad, imo.

I'm not for chilli or anything hot or spicy so here's my lemon & herb chicken. Not bad.

This was at the restaurant... I thought it was quite interesting?

Then went out with the #tvwhores because Shameen was back from Australia... Was supposed to eat at Victory near Arab Street but in the end only had Zam Zam. I had... crap, can't remember what it's called but here's how it looked like:

It was not bad, but the service sucked so much. They didn't have anything goreng or lime or roti prata and we were pretty pissed off by the service crews. The last straw came with their "receipt/invoice":


Then I went back to JB, this time to Bukit Indah Aeon Jusco whatever the shopping mall is called. I tell you, I LOVE Malaysian shopping malls. EVERYTHING IS SO CHEAP AND PRETTY AND THE EXCHANGE RATE IS AWESOME. I bought Steve Jobs biography for less than SGD30? Last I checked, Harris was selling it at SGD49 so WIN!

Bought three t-shirts, a plaid shirt, a dress, a wallet, a polo shirt and a pair of shorts. \o/ Didn't spend more than SGD100, that's for sure. (Okay, granted my cousin bought me that dress.)

We passed by this restaurant and I thought of my Boston boy! Haha. The nice service crew was walking away to let me take a nicer photo but you guys get a blur photo instead.

It's kinda like Xin Wang, if I'm not wrong. There was a very HK-ese name but this was what was in my brain.

Then we went to a store called Effu. I'm not fucking kidding. Should have taken photo of the store name. And here's a sample of what they sell:


After that we kinda walked around the mall, but not yet stepping into the FOS and Padini stores because they are like treasure troves. Oh, back to Effu. It's like... the This Fashion version of Forever 21. NOT LYING.

Anyway. Back to my shopping. Seriously I have not walked SO MUCH before in my life just to shop (I don't really shop for clothes, you know), and then I really wanted to take a break so we went to:

CHILDHOOD HAUNT! Okay, I used to always go to the one near my KL house so it's really nice to see this again. EXCEPT. The whole place is empty except for us so I was like, eh... I'd rather have the Starbucks but I really wanted to drink root beer float.

Ordered this:

The root beer float was delicious~ Oh man, it's not just that you go to NTUC and buy the rootbeer, then get vanilla ice cream. IT'S DIFFERENT OKAY. But the waffle was really disappointed, and if Leslie Knope was eating this I don't think she would approve. Not. She totally would not have approved. It was like... crunchy? Like love letters? Omg. I'm never getting it. But the good thing about this tea break was that it cost less than 5SGD bless the exchange rate. I got an Auntie Anne's pretzel at MYR3.40 as well... aka much cheaper than Singapore OH MY GOD WHY AM I LIVING HERE. Sidenote, we saw A LOT OF SINGAPOREAN CARS. jsyk. Not idea why would you be interested but yeah.

After we rested, we went to dig for bargains. Literally dig. They have like bins? of clothes that are marked 70% off and they have it in different sizes and colours so to get the one you really want, you have to dig the bottom of the pile and then basically rummage through the whole bin. we are a disgrace, i tell you.

Yeah, we did this.

Also, plaid shirts were in fashion here for some reason. THERE WERE SO MANY:

They were 2 for MYR79.90... So bless the exchange rate gods they were like less than SGD40 for 2?

Had dinner at the zhi char stall near the shopping mall.

Cheap good zhi char food, hor fun that smelled and tasted really good, then the Hokkien mee that you can't really find in Singapore, and the ribs that actually tasted more like char siew. We had these three dishes, plus a stir-fried baby kailan and three glasses of chrysanthemum tea and it ONLY cost us MYR39. HELLO. YOU CAN'T GET THIS KIND OF PRICES ANYWHERE IN SINGAPORE ANYMORE. It would have cost at least SGD40, I believe.

Then we rushed off to take the bus home.

Went to Simpang Bedok the next day! OMG THIS PLACE IS AMAZING. I don't have photos of anything except for this:

AND I TELL YOU. Best drink I had. Sirup limau, it's called. IDK WHAT THEY HAVE IN THE WEST, but this was so good. Shared hokkien mee (the SG style) and roti john and avocado milkshake with Van, om nom nom! Then, after this, went over to the opposite side of the road and I ordered egg prata + teh. OMGGGGGG the prata was soooooo good. Because on Sunday when we went back to that place, they didn't have such good prata. When I said that place I meant Spize. Yeah, I went back to Simpang on Sunday after Shameen's Raya party because... JUST BECAUSE. Speaking of Meen's Raya party = so good. At first i was apprehensive of the food that I can eat because I can't take spicy food and the Malay stall near my house always cheat my feelings regarding the amount of chilli they put into my mee siam, but surprisingly EVERYTHING WAS SO GOOD! Especially the satay goreng and beef rendang. Had lontong for the first time in my life, tasted sooooooo good. Omg I sound really greedy but that's the truth! EVERYTHING! JUST! TASTED! SO! GOOD! And met a couple of new people, LAUGHED A LOT thanks to Adrienne and met Ariel, she's so adorbz and she's studying genetics so that puts her very highly on my list of favourite people haha.

To end of this incoherent post, here's my favourite person:

La grandmére!



Good night <3


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