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[ profile] community_tv stamping meme!

1)Would you prefer to be stamped as a specific gender? No preference!

2)Name: Li

3)Age: 20 this year!

4)Location: Singapore

5)Describe your personality in five words: Introverted, procrastinator, caring, neurotic, passionate

6)Share a picture yourself or write a description of your physical appearance: Can't be bothered to search through my FB, so I'm a person who always wear Threadless shirts and jeans. It's awesome that I'm a science major because it's like the de facto lab dress code.

7)Favorite color: Green! My current favorite shade of green is turquoise-green.

8)Favorite and least favorite movie: This question is hard to answer! Current favourite is Captain America because I'm in love with The Avengers, but all time favourite remains Fight Club because it really strikes me hard in the grey matter: the cinematography was awesome, and Chuck Palahniuk remains one of my favourite authors.

Least favourite movies: I don't think I have one, because I normally choose the kind of movies that I watched, but I don't like romances like The Last Song and The Notebook.

9)Favorite book: Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk. He's my favorite author and I love his writing style - it's almost as if he's invaded my brain and wrote out what I think (in words and em dashes)

10)Favorite quote: "Your birth is a mistake you'll spend your whole life trying to correct.", from Invisible Monsters. I think this quote says a lot about my manifesto in life: I always want to do something great, something that'll change the world so that I've justified my existence. Oh, emo-me.

11)Who is your inspiration in life (it can be anyone real or fictional, there's no limit)? I'm a big fan of those creative gurus but I don't exactly have a life hero. Or maybe you can include people like Liz Lemon/Temperance Brennan/Maura Isles/Britta Perry...

12)What do you do for living? Do you study? Currently an undergrad majoring in chemistry.

13)What do you like to do in your free time? I read, listen to music, watch TV (ho ho ho) and cook. I'm quite a decent cook!

14)Do you have any special talents? I can play the piano because my parents forced me to learn it when I was young, though I hate playing it and I dread playing it now. Also know how to play the violin but that was when I was young too. Can play the drums/timpani/most percussion instruments because I spent quite a lot of time in Chinese Orchestra.

15)Favorite animal: Lion :D I love how majestic it is!

16)How would you describe your experience as a student? were/are you good at studying? Big procrastinator, but I know what I want and I will try my best to get it. Although it says a lot about me that I skipped my tutorials because I didn't do 'em.

17)Do you have a religious belief? Nah, atheist.

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Chuck Palahniuk is awesome!

Oh, you're hard! I think Britta, but a Britta who's a bit more together.

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I think Britta, but possibly Annie as well. Hmm...

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Britta for sure, but also Abed mostly because threadless shirts screams Abed to me and I think he would like Palahniuk:)