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Had a really fun night yesterday! Met up with the #tvwhores (We're so cool, we even have a hashtag) in Khoo Teck Puat Hospital first to visit Sarah who has an ear infection from a piercing (les horreurs!). My first time meeting her, which was quite awesome since honestly every one of the #tvwhores are really fun and nice and warm and GENERALLY FUZZY WUZZY. Anyway, the hospital is really cool and new and so airy and all the fake clouds ~ AND THE YISHUN POND NEXT TO IT. So pretty and green and nature ohhh Jurong I hate you sometimes.

After that we cabbed down to Cuppage Plaza and turned out the place we're supposed to go to is at Cuppage Terrace! It's a really nice Mexican restaurant entirely run by Indians and the manager is sooooo nice and he recognized Adrienne so we have our two servings of nacho chips for freeeee but he didn't say that the guacamole dip was $5 and the sour cream was $3. oh well. ALSO THE BEST PART OF THIS PLACE IS ALL THE FREE FLOW OF MARGARITAS! Just drink only. Had mango, lime and strawberry margaritas, and my favourite was the strawberry one because it's really sweet but sour a little but that might be because of the residual lime margarita in my cup. AND THEY SERVED IT IN A BIG PITCHER oh my god this place is amazing.

photo taken by adrienne

I had kitchen sink burrito because tout est en espanol and I'm not sure what is what.

There's rice and chicken and meat and cheese and tomato and THINGS generally really nice things inside the burrito and the sauce = OM NOM NOM. THIS PLACE IS AMAZING. Seriously. their fajitas are soooo popular and smells so good and every time they serve it omg omg omg the smelllll even though it gets into my hair. definitely going to try it the next time I'm there. WE'LL BE THERE RIGHT? :D

also Viv passed me the shirts her friend got for me!


haha my lonelygirl91 shirt. LONELY OKAY. I JUST WANT TO BE FRIENDS ONLY WHAT.

and my TOMS from Rebecca:

Please ignore my French textbook behind. Veh nice right!! Too bad I have that one foot bigger than the other syndrome. Left foot fits exactly, right foot is loosey-goosey.

Love all these new purchases. my Amazon order is going to be très late and I can't be bothered to be angsty over it anymore. and just bought two Cevans-related merch on ebay hehehehehehe SO GORGEOUS.

okay, back to mugging/studying/torture/etc. Luckily I have these two as my company.


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