Dec. 14th, 2011

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second week of the holiday! My laptop screen is now split into this window (for my gchat) and for watching Once Upon A Time. It's quirky and charming (haha like Prince Charming) and the characters are really good (very fleshed out). The plot is good as well. And Prince Charming is really cute. AHHHHHH. Motivation to watch a show is always the leads, I tell you. Doesn't matter who they are in the show, as long as they are in the show. THEIR FACES. ALL MY CREYS.

Been watching a lot of Ellen videos with Amy in it. OMG THAT'S LIKE THE BEST JOB EVER. I think I was linked to a video of her in a haunted house last year? AND I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING AT THIS YEAR'S VIDEO. This girl is just so funny and fun, just like Penny from Happy Endings!

Ah this post has been in my draft for like two days already. I didn't even shut down my computer for like two days because of this post. I THINK I SHOULD FINISH THIS POST. But I don't really know what to say. Okay, let's talk about my holidays.

1) Holidays have begun.
2) I have been working back at my regular school job.
3) I have gotten three new tuition assignments, on top of my current three (even though one of them is not very confirmed for next year since he went really MIA)
4) I went out on a date! Quite fun, although I was really tired after the end of the date. Le garçon is quite gentlemanly. Haha.
5) The family situation has slightly changed now, with a couple of new people (okay, only like an adult and a child) living with my family now. I think my fam is always so nice and helpful. Now I kinda have a 7 year old boy under my care and I'm trying to force the reading habit into him. Not working. Also. Not going to have kids. NEVER. Not going to do that to my vajayjay and also to my sanity.
6) I'm back on my anti-anxiety meds again. It works sometimes, but it's an on-and-off effect. I need to use my brain to overcome this. Le sigh.
7) Course registration went well, and I gave up my Thursday lab because X didn't manage to get it on time? I'm a nice friend. I'm trying to clear a GER-PE as well as French III so please let me get that!!!!!
8) Going to Malaysia tomorrow! Went there last week and it was quite fun because it's been a long while since I was there. Going there again, going to makan and shop.
9) BAD IDEA to drink tea before I'm going to bed, I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER.
10) Bye, talking to le garçon now.


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